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writer. introvert. homebody. potty mouth. dog cuddler. tattoo collector. horror fanatic. candle sniffer. nachos connoisseur. sweatpants model.

A checklist of practices that turn your house into a home

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We all have different ways of celebrating our return to normal

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How I gained a new sense of independence over a plate of sushi

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Please shut up with this ridiculous conspiracy theory

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The single science-based formula that healed my mind and body

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  • I don’t know how to use any of the machines
  • I don’t have the right clothes or shoes
  • I hate all the mirrors because I’m forced to look at myself
  • The men nearby always stare or give me looks
  • What if someone judges…

The simplest way to track expenses, spending, and fun money

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Stop kidding yourself—you’ll never go on that double date

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Why I’m no longer taking advice from pretty profiles

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From one empath to another: stay in your emotional lane

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Common characteristics of an empath

  • You keep a…

How to have the pandemic money talk

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Sophie Radvan

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