What Your Seasonal Coffee Flavor Says About Your Holiday Personality

Are you a Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint Patty queen?

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Despite the underlying fear of COVID and Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn election results, I think the holidays make us happier, chipper people. Each and every one of us adopts a “holiday personality” that brings out our inner child, Elsa snow princess, or cookie monster. Personally, I’m the latter.

Come mid-November, I suddenly want to spend every waking second outside, picking up colored leaves and jogging around a semi-frozen lake (such a Minnesota thing to say). Surely, you have your own holiday-centric hobbies that prove it’s the little things that matter.

Maybe you have a go-to dinner recipe that calls for butternut squash with a dash of cinnamon. Or maybe you can’t wait to wear your favorite North Face sherpa pullover with a grande PSL in-hand. Even under the dark cloud of COVID, one seasonal coffee drink on a frosty morning is all it takes to get into the holiday mood.

Pumpkin spice

Your holiday personality thrives on routine, to-the-book choices. You know what you like and you make damn sure to stick to it no matter how many external voices interfere (*cough cough* judgy in-laws). When it comes to festive home decor, gift wrapping techniques, and Thanksgiving recipes, it’s your way or the highway. Your motto: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Rum and butterscotch

In normal times, the holidays call for alcohol. In COVID times, the holidays call for an abundance of rum and spiked eggnog. Your sensitive soul feels the weight of holiday pressure more than most, so you find that things run smoother with a glass of booze nearby. A tipsy mindset never hurt anybody, right? Your motto: too drunk to stress #blessthismess

Hazelnut, chestnut, or praline

Let me get this out of the way first: the praline chestnut latté from Starbucks is to die for. Your holiday personality perfectly mirrors the nutty traits of your coffee drink; you enjoy the kooky, quirky, and campy things in life. Your motto: more is more, which counts for Christmas lights on the roof, cookie spreads on the dinner table, and an above-and-beyond determination.

Caramel and/or chocolate mocha

Tell me a better combination than chocolate and caramel. Go on, I’ll wait. You love to indulge and treat yourself (your motto) during the holiday season. Like the luxuriousness and richness of caramel, you see no end to holiday shopping or extravagant gift-giving. You live for the finer, albeit pricier, things in life—jewelry, designer products, the newest iPhone model…

Egg nog

I’ve got two words for you: acquired taste. You take a while to warm up to people, namely those extended family members who voted for Trump that you only see once a year. You love to talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner and likely wore a Black Lives Matter T-shirt for the family photo just to piss off your conservative aunts. Your motto: Justice for George Floyd!


You might as well be The Grinch because the holidays don’t mean very much to you. In fact, they make you upset, melancholy, and downright moody. The holidays ironically bring out the worst in you as it brings out your reflective and introspective personality. But hey, in the case of 2020, I sure can’t blame you. Your motto: wake me up in January, I’ll see you on the other side.

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